Mannol Coolant Red G12+ 5L

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A carboxylated (organic – OAT Organic Acid Technology) ready-for-use solution (not requiring being diluted and protecting the vehicle cooling system at up to -30°С), designed for a year-round use in any modern cooling systems for which the use of ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze is recommended. It ensures a reliable protection of any cooling system. Properties: - It ensures a reliable protection of metals and alloys (brass, copper, alloy-treated steel, cast iron, aluminium) from all forms of corrosion, as well as prevents a high-temperature corrosion of aluminium surfaces of modern engines; - It has an exceptional thermal stability. It protects from deposit formation; - It has excellent heat conductivity properties and a resistance to foam formation; - It is neutral to inserts and hoses, compatible with all types of rubber and plastic components of a cooling system; - It has an excellent resistance to hard water and very low corrosion inhibitor depletion rates; - The highly effective carboxylated additive package (OAT) ensures an exceptional stability of service qualities of the antifreeze throughout the entire service life; - It does not contain silicates, nitrates, phosphates and amines (the NAP free technology); - It has an extended service life in cooling systems: of passenger cars – up to 250 thousand km; of commercial vehicles – up to 500 thousand km; of stationary engines – up to 6 years. It is recommended for engines requiring enhanced heat dissipation: highly accelerated engines, engines with a turbocharger and cooling systems of modern commercial vehicles

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