Seller Policy Pages


 Any agreement will be represented by the law of Bangladesh.

 If any of the information you provide is found to be incorrect, your registration will be considered void

 If a seller delivers a counterfeit or incorrect product to the buyer, that seller will be obliged to return the product.

 VAT prescribed by the government of the country will be added to each product.

 Illegal import bans Prohibited products by the government cannot be sold through

 If the product is not delivered as per the order, the seller will be obliged to follow the return policy of partschai.

 If a seller gives a guarantee on a product then the seller has to bear it.

 The seller does not have to bear any delivery charge. But if the seller wants to sell his product through Partschai's in-house policy, he has to bear the cost of transporting the product.

 The seller must always upload the original picture of his product and give an accurate description of the product. The number of pictures is at least three.

 The seller's price will be credited to the bank account after ten days as per the delivery and return policy after the goods are ordered.

 If partschai needed partschai will change the terms policy.

 If a customer refuses to accept the product or returns the product, the seller must return it.Also if you want to know other terms and information visit our website