Term & Conditions

General Terms
When uploading material, text, photos, graphics, and videos ("Content") to Partschai.com, advertisers and users are liable for complying with all relevant laws. If any of this content is unlawful or contains misleading facts, Partschai.com is not liable.
Advertisers and consumers acknowledge that the advertisement's content does not infringe on any third-party copyright, intellectual property rights, or other rights. Advertisers and customers therefore agree that Partschai.com is free of any and all commitments, liabilities, or claims resulting from the use of this Service.
Advertisers agree that the content they provide may be presented on Partschai.com's partner sites in accordance with Partschai.com's terms.
Advertisers may use Partschai.com to use, copy, alter, adapt, print, translate, create, and distribute derivative works in any way currently known or yet to be discovered. Approves non-exclusive, permanent, duty-free, unchangeable rights and licenses.
Third-party content on Partschai.com (including its content and all other parts, software, or services) is operated by Partschai.com, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or licensees. Any intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and other separating brands of the website, are held by Partschai.com.
Without Partschai.com's permission, no material on this site can be duplicated, reused, republished, installed, uploaded, transferred, stored or exchanged.
All photos on Partschai.com are watermarked, making it illegal to use them for any other purpose without the advertiser's permission.
Security and Pictures
For editorial reasons, Partschai.com reserves the right to change the title of its content. Partschai.com reserves the right to refuse to post those images, as well as images that are obsolete or in violation of the site's guidelines.
Links to Third Party Websites
Partschai.com can provide links or references to other websites, referred to as "third party websites."
Partschai.com would not be held liable for any third-party website material. Websites from third parties are not investigated or tracked. The user is solely responsible for his actions until he exits Partschai.com and joins the third-party platform.
Users Email Address
Users must submit a valid email address to post ads. The user's email address will not be displayed publicly.
Paid Content
Certain content and services on Partschai.com include payment, including (but not limited to) posting advertisements in unique categories and selling goods via Doorstep Delivery.
If advertisers and users voluntarily choose to post content ("paid content") for a fee on Partschai.com, the service provider will be obliged to pass information through a third party, which may be subject to the third party's own rules.
At the sole expense of the Advertiser and the Customer, Partschai.com is free to engage with any third party of the Service Provider. Any paid content purchased through Partschai.com will not be refunded.
Doorstep Delivery
Partschai.com provides a Doorstep Delivery service to help customers get products delivered to their front door. In some cases, the Vendor is in charge of distribution and payments, while in others, Partschai.com is in charge. The ad will state whether an item will be shipped by the Seller or by Partschai.com.
Buyers agree to purchase an item if it is materially different from the definition given by the Seller on Partschai.com when they place a 'Doorstep Delivery' order. Under Partschai.com's Customer Security policy, if the shipped item is not as stated in the ad, the Buyer is entitled to a free replacement of the product.
Partschai.com makes no promises that Vendors have been honest or correct with their listings, that they have products in stock, that they will allow returns, or that they will offer refunds. As a result of products being unavailable or mishandled by Vendors, Partschai.com is not responsible for unsatisfactory or delayed results, losses, damages, or delays.
Partschai.com reserves the right to suspend, limit or withdraw access to Partschai.com and membership of any user who does not comply with these terms.
Advertisers and users agree to indemnify Partschai.com's officers, directors, employees and agents for any damages arising out of any breach of these Terms (including negligence or misconduct) and attorney's fees.
Partschai.com reserves the right to change these terms. This change may take effect after it is published on Partschai.com. You are responsible for reviewing such changes. As a result of your continued access to or use of Partachai.com, you will be deemed to have agreed to the modified terms.
Regulating Law
Partschai.com operates in accordance with the laws and regulations of Bangladesh.