Kixx WAY LUBE ISO 68/220

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ISO 68/200


  • Kixx way lube is of a premium quality based on highly refined, high viscosity index mineral oil to provide effective lubrication of machine slide-ways. It contains tackiness and selective additives assuring efficient lubrication and resist stick-slip.
  • Kixx way lube has a unique combination of exceptional frictional characteristics with high extreme pressure performance capability.

 Recommended For :

  • Machine tool slideways and guides, horizontal slideways (ISO 68)
  • Light-to-moderate applications (ISO 68), Vertical sideways (ISO 220)
  • Suitable for use with Bijur Automatic Lubricant delivery systems

Performance Standards:

  • General Motors LS-2 Way 011 Performance Level (LW-06-1-04)
  • Cincinnati Machine Performance Level (P-47)
  •  Pack Sizes Available:
  • 210 Ltr
  •  Customer benefits:
  • Friction modified, with proven excellence in the lubrication of ways in many types of machine tools, such as lathes, planers, shapers, drilling and tapping machines, including those operating at high loads.
  • “Anti-stick slip” properties for smooth machinery performance at all conditions and for high precision
  • Compatible with cutting oil
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