Gazpromneft Break Fluid

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Product Name: Break Fluid

Mineral universal all-season motor oils produced using a modern imported additive package.
Designed for all types of carburetor, gasoline and diesel engines for cars, vans and light truck models.

ADVANTAGES: Good thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, retaining the properties of the oils throughout the service life. Keeps wear and pollution products in perfect condition. Prevents the formation of deposits in the internal surfaces of the engine. Oil with a viscosity grade 20W-50 increases compression in the piston cylinder group and provides the necessary pressure in the long-range engine lubrication system. For Application: In the carburetor, gasoline and diesel engines of all passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vans, where API-grade SF / CC lubricants (or earlier specifications) and suitable viscosity are recommended: SAE 10W-40, 15W- 40 and 20W-50.

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