CCH 201 Paint Booth

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Paint booth for passenger cars (measures 6.9 × 3.9 × 2.7 m useful) with a power of 15 kW. Lighting 10 × 4 36W and 8 × 2 18W. A robust and professional car paint booth.The CCH-201 paint booth model differs from the CCH-101 paint booth in that it is more robust and has vertical lighting at the bottom, and it also has two turbines: one with 7.5kW. and another of 5.5kW extraction. The ventilation speed is also higher than that of the 101 model, with an average of 0.3m / s in the cabin. The basement is included but does not include the air inlet or outlet pipes. In short, a robust, professional paint booth that will allow you to carry out the painting work on cars that you need in a comfortable and fast way. LAUNCH uses in its painting booths and groups of thermo-ventilation, centrifugal fans with high pressure inverted blades and balanced guaranteeing minimum vibration. The main characteristic of this turbine is its large air flow and, above all, to be able to maintain said flow despite the pressure drops derived from filters, outlet pipes and their length, etc…, for this reason they are designed for industrial installations. and car paint booths. In addition, direct coupling (without belts or pulleys) with the motor, eliminates power dispersions around 15/20%, pitch, etc ... Constant air flow, even if the dirt in the plenum filters increases. Superior filter life (by maintaining air passage velocity). Lower maintenance cost (replacement of belts, noise, imbalances).


Overall dimension(m):7.0*5.3*3.5.

Inner dimension(m):6.9*3.9*2.7

Width of door for entrance of vehicle(m):3.0

Height of door for entrance of vehicle(m):2.7

Steel plate thickness(mm):0.326

Filtrated area(m2):20

Air flow volume(m3/h):24000.

Air velocity within booth(m/s):0.25~0.35

Ventilation times(times/hr):265

Working temperature(°C):60~80

Oil consumption(kg/set):6~8


Main blower:One unit 7.5KW European style professional blowers

Nether lighting:no

environmental protection device:no

Product Specification:

External dimensions (*): 7.0 x 5.3 x 3.5m.

Internal dimensions (*): 6.9 x 3.9 x 2.7m.

Entrance width: 3m.

Entrance height: 2.7m.>

Ventilation capacity (m3 / h): 21000.

Ventilation speed (m / s): 0.25 - 0.35.

Air circulation (times / h): 305

Maximum drying temperature: 60ºC - 80ºC.

Fuel consumption (Kg / hour): 6 - 8.

Consumption (kW): 15.24kW.

Riello burner (kCal): 183,000.

Upper lighting (screens x tubes / kW): 10 x 4 / 36W.

Vertical lighting (screens x tubes / kW): 8 × 2 18W.

Drive turbine: 1 x 7.5kW.

Extraction turbine: 5.5kW.

Number of motors: 2.

Service door: yes.

Type of vehicle: Cars..

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